Suit and Shirt Deal


With summer being left behind, and the fall and winter season fast approaching, it can only mean one thing – events. With the arrival of the holidays comes a variety of events including holiday parties, corporate end of year meetings, fall and winter weddings and more. It is important to be prepared for any or all of these events with a crisp and well put-together wardrobe. Peter Parvez can provide you with an array of classic custom made suits and shirts.

This deal is for members of the VIP club only.

Peter Parvez provides classic shirts and suits made from high quality wrinkle-free material such as 100% Egyptian cotton and come in a wide array of patterns and colours. Come into any Peter Parvez location today to discover the best fit for you. All of our clothes are custom made with the most premium materials, guaranteeing a unique look that will be unmatched by anyone else. Feel free to contact the store closest to you and book an appointment for a custom fitting today.