A custom tailored suit has to be properly maintained to keep its shape and structure to ensure it will make you look sharp every time you wear it. It’s not like your basic wardrobe where you can easily wash it in your washing machine or tumble dry it to freshen it up. Keep reading if you are looking for the perfect way to take of your custom made suit from Peter Parvez.

Just brush it off

To get rid of dust and light stains from your custom tailored suit, invest in clothes brush. A clothes brush will feature natural bristles that will help get rid of dirt and dust that get trapped in the wool. This will ensure that your suit will last longer and you will also cut down on your dry cleaning bill.

Hang it up

Everybody should know that you have to hang up your suit to keep it in mint condition, however, some people are still using wire hangers to hang their suits. Using a wire hanger will cause stretching and bulges in the shoulders, which is something you don’t want to deal with. Get a high-quality cedar hanger to keep the suit’s shape and to deter moisture and moths from making their way to your suit.

Give it space

When you hang up your custom tailored suit, make sure you have a good amount of space between the suit and other articles of clothing to allow it to breathe. This will allow your suit to air out after a long day at work or a fun night out on the town!

Avoid the iron

When you iron your suit, you are risking damaging the natural fibers which can affect the overall look. If you notice any wrinkles in your custom made suit, use a steamer or you can even hang your suit in the bathroom while you run hot water in your shower (just don’t put the suit in the shower while it’s running!).

Treat your custom made suit as one piece of clothing

When you do take your suit to the dry cleaners, take everything to get cleaned including the pants, jacket, and dress shirts you wear with it. When you get your suit dry cleaned, you are exposing it to chemicals that may slightly fade the colour of your suit. If you dry clean your pants more than your jacket, you may eventually notice an uneven colour between your pants and jacket.

For all your custom suit tailoring and maintenance needs, you can trust Peter Parvez! Peter has over 20 years of experience when it comes to providing gentlemen with perfectly fitting and high-quality menswear. With offices in Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver, plus a few more locations scattered across Canada, Peter’s team can measure you and pick out the fabrics for your bespoke suit in just 30 minutes! If you have any questions about the custom-tailored suits from Peter Parvez, fill out the contact us form or check out peterparvez.ca to find a location near you and visit us today!