With winter right around the corner, there’s no better time than now to start looking into livening up your wardrobe. Winter fashion trends are changing every year and this year is no exception. There are plenty of new trends in colour and style that are popping up and you’d be wise to go over all of your options when shopping around this winter season.  Here are some of the biggest trends in men’s fashion for the winter season!

Winter Whites

What says winter better than the colour white? Winter whites have gone in and out of style over the years, but it’s looking like they will be back for Winter 2017/2018. When shopping for winter whites, look for cream, off-white, stone, and crystal beige, and you’ll be off to a great start. These shades are going to work best when they are made out of softer fabrics, as opposed to crisp and light ones. You’ll likely go for these types of fabrics anyway, seeing as you want to look great but also keep warm in the wintertime. Winter whites are perfect for giving your outfit some freshness and adding some life to an otherwise dark outfit.

Coloured Tailoring

One trend that’s taking off at the moment is coloured tailoring. Men are starting to go beyond just grey, navy, and black when it comes to tailored suits and are starting to move towards brighter and more popping colours such as powder blue, teal, camel, and taupe. The best way to decide on a colour for your next tailored suit is to see which goes best with your complexion. A safe go-to are rich, autumnal hues that work well for any skin tone.

Moss Green

Usually, winter means making the change to dark neutral tones, but this does not always have to mean going with the darkest of blacks, browns, and greys. Instead, maybe try simply going with a darker tone of a summer colour, such as green. Moss green is likely to be one of your best bets for this. It’s still a lively colour, but one that is not overly dark, and it also goes great with so many other combinations. Moss green is your ticket to getting those earthy, darker tones without sacrificing actual colour.


Skinny fitting clothing is starting to get old for many men, so a lot of them are now trying out the opposite. Oversized clothing is actually gaining lots of steam as a 2017 fashion trend, and there’s good reason you should look into hopping on the hype train. Relaxed leg trousers, coats that wrap you up like a cocoon, and oversized knitwear are some of the best current examples of this trend.

90’s Nostalgia

Good news for those who miss the 90’s! Some notable 90’s styles in men’s fashion are making a big comeback just in time for winter 2017. The biggest and most noticeable of these is the sportswear trend, which is being pushed on to the 2017 fashion scene as we speak. With sportswear, you can look good and feel comfortable all at the same time. Whether you decide to wear a full track suit or just some 90’s style runners, relish in the nostalgia of the 90’s this winter.