With the end of summer looming, it is time to start thinking about the upcoming fall weather. The drop in temperatures means jeans, boots and warmer fabrics to fight off the crisp chill. While summer can be devoted to the adage that less clothing keeps you cool, fall emphasizes the opposite with more styling choices that can be made more creative through layering clothing.

There are a multitude of options to choose from to have an impeccable style for the fall. With the season comes more earthy tones and heavy fabrics, as well as more muted colours and patterns. However, because of the muted colours that usually come in with fall, it allows for more style experimentation with texture, pattern and colour. Here are some of the types of colours and fabrics that are popular to wear during the fall season.


The Classics

If there was ever a doubt about what is considered appropriate to wear for the fall, you can easily choose clothing pieces with the classic colours of grey, black and blue. Wearing these colours or a combination of the three will provide an effortlessly put together look for any outing in the fall. What is good about these colours is that they can last throughout winter as well.

Shades of Brown, Burgundy and Camel

These warmer colours are always a staple in the fall season. It is not only fashionable but versatile as well. These muted shades are a neutral base which allows you to mix and match other autumnal colours such as navy, dark red, and cream toned coloured shirts. These warm colours add an element of neutrality to your overall clothing palette while adding an element of coziness.



Flannel is a popular go to for fall fabrics. Especially carded flannel – which is heavier, cozier and softer. Flannel also comes in a variety of patterns such as a mix of browns and creams, golds and dark reds and more. They are made unique and can provide an endless array of fashionable shirts made easy for the fall season.


Soft wools provide a heavier fabric which is essential for warmth in the cooler months. This is especially for structured jackets in this material, as they can be a versatile colour such as black, grey, camel and blue.


This rich and luxurious material is considered a timeless classic because (if gotten in a basic colour), the quality of cashmere will ensure that it will last through all the seasons to come. Getting a clothing item made of cashmere is an extravagant but worthwhile investment.

With the coming of fall, it is time to say goodbye to the brighter, eye popping colours of summer and say hello to more earthier and neutral tones that will add an element of warmth and coziness to your everyday look. With heavier fabrics and earthier tones of browns and reds in your wardrobe, you are guaranteed to have a classic and effortlessly fashionable look for fall.