With the holidays comes the parties…more specifically the Christmas parties. With all these parties it can be hard to figure out exactly what the appropriate attire is to come into. No matter the attire, this festive period is a great opportunity to go all out and dress smart! Here is a simple guide on how to dress to impress this year.

This all depends on the dress code of each party.

What to Wear to a Formal Christmas Party

If you work in a more formal environment, chances are your Christmas party will be an even more formal event. This is a great chance to try on some of your higher end clothes.

Bow Tie

Get away from the conventional tie and opt for a bow tie instead. A properly tied and styled bow tie against a stark white dress shirt and slim fitting suit jacket can be eye catching and fashion forward. Try a bold colour bow tie like a dark red or something with a vibrant pattern. But you can also stick to the classic look of black and white.

Tux Trouser

This is a great and classic nod to evening wear, and can really complement a nicely put together dinner suit. There is a good variation of shades in black and blue. A slim fit is in style and will complement your figure, giving you a taller appearance. Just ensure that it fits properly in all areas and is not too tight.

The Shoes

You can’t have everything else formal, and then just forget about the shoes! If you already have a good pair of dress shoes, make sure that they are in tip top shape for the night – so buff and polish them to a shine. If you find that you are in need of a pair of dress shoes, opt for a smart pair of oxford or derby shoes with some brogues for style.

Accessories and Detailing

If you have a plain looking outfit such as a black suit, adding some details can really make the outfit. This includes a sharp tie (maybe in a bold colour, like a deep red), a pocket square, some nice cufflinks and a slick watch. All of these accessories and detailing will add some elegance and uniqueness to your outfit, which may set you apart from everyone else.

The Crisp Dress Shirt

This is great for those who are transitioning from workwear to formal wear in the same evening. You can take your work shirt (which is likely a plain white oxford shirt) and swap it out for a nice, darker coloured dress shirt, like a shade of blue. Stay away from garish colours like bright reds and greens, and instead do a touch of burgundy, with maybe a pocket square, to invoke the holiday colours.

These are all great options and a guaranteed way that you will look stylish for your next Christmas party. Another additional tip is to always, always, always, take the time to get it tailored. Having a high quality dress attire only means more if it fits properly.