There are a few things that every man should own, and one of the biggest and most important of these is a good suit. A suit is important for men in so many ways; weddings, job interviews, business meetings, the list goes on. Every man is going to need a suit at some point in his adult life, and this is why it is extremely important to make sure you know what’s best when it comes time to buy a suit. When suit shopping, you will be faced with the choice of buying either a custom fitted or off the rack suit, but what’s the difference, and why is it a better idea to go with the custom fitted option? Keep reading to find out!

What’s the difference?

The difference between custom fitted and off the rack suits is simple; with off the rack, what you see is what you get. No alterations are made and you’ll have to shop around until you find one that fits you well enough. A custom fitted suit takes things one step further by allowing for changes to be made based on your body’s measurements.

Why choose a custom fitted suit?

You want to look good in your new suit, don’t you? Of course you do! A custom fitted suit is the only way to guarantee your suit is going to fit you like a glove and have you looking your absolute best. With a custom suit, you are getting the full experience when it comes to buying a suit. Custom suits provide an accurate measurement of your arms, shoulders, and torso and almost guarantee a perfect fit. When buying an off the rack suit, you may look good enough, but there is always going to be the chance that something will be a little bit off; maybe the arms are a little bit long, or perhaps it’s a little too tight around the shoulders. Even the slightest problem with a suit can make a big impact on how you feel about it. With a custom fitted suit you can rest easy knowing that every little detail has been accounted for and you can be confident that you’re going to look great in every sense of the word.

Are Custom Suits more Expensive?

Custom suits are indeed more expensive than off the rack in most cases, but this is not a bad thing. A custom suit is going to be made from the best materials and be perfectly tailored to your every need, making it a worthwhile investment. You want your suit to last for years so you can get the most out of it, and this is why spending some extra cash on a custom suit is always a good idea.

The question is this: why settle for something that isn’t perfect when you can go a little further and get the suit of your dreams? Why be annoyed with a suit that only gets you half way to looking your best when you can choose a suit that’ll get you all the way there? Ask yourself these questions the next time you go suit shopping and you’ll be sure to make the right decision!

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