The holidays are coming up, and usually that means the season for exchanging gifts is right around the corner. However, if you are shopping for a guy who likes to be put together and stylish, chances are you might find it a little difficult to shop for him, because he probably has some specific tastes. However, not to worry, we have some suggestions for the best clothing gift ideas for the holiday season.

Cashmere Blazer

Cashmere is often a material that most people don’t usually buy themselves because it is more on the pricier side, but this makes it a perfect gift for the stylish man, because it is both luxurious and comfortable. A slim fit cashmere blazer is a luxury item that can become a staple in his closet, especially for outings to holiday parties and other formal events that come with the season.

Dress Shirt

Usually men get a lot of ties as gifts for the holidays, but not enough shirts to wear them with. This is where you come in. You can buy him something to go with those ties. A dress shirt is a smart enough item to wear with or without a tie, and can come in a variety of colours. Get him several in neutral colours, or get some in bold and vibrant colours to celebrate the holiday season. A classic dress shirt is a French Oxford style in Egyptian Cotton.

Dress Pants

Have your guy looking sharp for any holiday event with a pair of crisp dress pants. Better yet, have them custom and tailor made so that the fit will be impeccable. Some good dress styles are plain solid colors in blues and blacks, or add a more stylistic flair with some subtle plaid patterns on the pants.


Of course this holiday gift staple has to make the list. But ties are a classic! They come in a huge range of designs from solid colours to vibrant patterns. With a high quality material tie like silk, you can freshen up his wardrobe in no time and have him looking sleek for the holidays.

Wool Suit Jacket

When the holidays comes around, so does the cold weather. Keep this in mind when choosing your clothing gift for a guy. Wool is a very versatile material to have in the winter time because of how warm it is. Providing a good quality wool suit jacket in any of these styles will be a great and warm addition to a suit:

  • Single breasted one button: perfect for work, social or formal events
  • Single breasted two button: more traditional
  • Patch pocket: a patch pocket is sewn on the outside of the jacket
  • Double breasted: made for very formal events

These are just some of the various clothing ideas to buy this holiday for the everyday fashionable man. If you really want to go all out, do a tasteful combination of all five for a fully bedecked suit that can be used altogether or separately!