This is often an aspect that does not get thought about, but what kind of coat do you wear over a suit? Wearing the wrong coat over a suit can ruin the overall look, but no fear! We have this guide on how to match the proper outdoor wear with your suit.

What Kind of Coat to Wear Over a Suit

When it comes to deciding what kind of coat to wear when there is a suit underneath, it all depends on what type of suit you are wearing, and what type of coat will best flatter you. When it comes to wearing coats in the winter, darker colours are better because they are easier to match.

Trench Coat

This coat is a classic in Men’s fashion. It looks great in smart outfits and compliments most builds. The classic colour is beige, but the coat can be designed not to be as dull as the colour itself.

Pea Coat

This is considered good for office and weekend attire. This coat will go well with both casual and tailored outfits. The standard peacoat will fit a man well above the waist and around their shoulders.

Double Breasted Overcoat

This is commonly referred to as a suit coat. The two main double breasted overcoats are the pea coat and the trench coat. Both are classics.

So which jacket is best worn over a suit?

There are not many options available due to the size but here are some of the comparisons of jackets to wear with the suit.

Your choice will depend on the look you’re trying to create. The coat must be well fitted and in a neutral colour (grey is a popular option). It’s a timeless design and can be worn on top of so many outfits, especially a suit.

How to Wear a Coat Over a Suit

Here are several of the factors to consider when choosing a coat to wear.

  • Fit: find a coat that fits you well and will sit comfortably over the suit jacket. You don’t want it to be so snug that your arms are restricted.
  • Style: check out the various styles and try on a couple that you think will flatter you the most before making a purchase.
  • Peacoat: this coat has a double breasted design which can work great with a suit.
  • Colours: opt out from brighter colours and go for darker, more neutral colours so they will match your suit easily.
  • Trench: this looks great and fashion forward on top of a suit. They also come in a wide range of thickness and styles that can work with any build or outfit.
  • Casual: if you are aiming for something more low key, try out a bomber jacket.

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