Peter Parvez opened up another business location in Calgary, Alberta. This location has been around for over four years and loyally serves the local community of Calgary. Peter Parvez does not directly work at the Calgary location (he does so in Montreal) but Abin Jacob, a highly qualified master tailor, works out of this location. With four years of experience working for Parvez, Abin Jacob helps by providing the modern gentlemen with high quality menswear that compliments both their look and style.

In the recent years, Calgary slowly expanded as it became more populated and culturally diverse. There was an upsurge in arts and culture, as well as a flourish in businesses. Peter Parvez recognized the potential for growth in the fashion industry and opened up shop in the Calgary Bankers Hall West Tower.

Calgary is known as a prairie city where a lot of the fashion is simple and understated with not many references to the modern fashion trends – especially in menswear. With the upsurge in businesses and affordable housing prices, Calgary soon became a home for up and coming young professionals. In this case, there was not much opportunity for high quality suits being sold at affordable prices. Peter Parvez recognized this and decided to do something about it.

Those who enter the business world know the importance of putting across a good impression. This starts with clothing. Investing in high quality fabrics for shirts, tuxedos, suits and more and having them tailored specifically for your frame will guarantee a polished and put together appearance. There are countless of young professionals who want to stand out in the growing business field, so why not look sharp while doing so?

What does Peter Parvez sell?

The Peter Parvez location in Calgary is home to over 2,000 shirt fabrics in a wide range of materials, patterns and colours. He also provides over 200 suit fabrics in a variety of different materials, cuts and styles.

These high quality fabrics are sold at a competitive price, and each item is tailored and custom made to the specifications of our customers. The turnaround time of about 2 to 3 weeks is short in comparison with other tailors and businesses. He also offers the opportunity of doing expedited deliveries within five days of ordering.

Peter Parvez specializes in a variety of clothing choices such as suits, trousers, sports jackets, shirts, tuxedos, pocket squares, custom ties, long coats, jackets and vests.

Here are some of the high profile brands he carries:

  • Vitale Barberis Canonico
  • Scabal
  • Loro Piana
  • Charles Clayton
  • Versace
  • Reda
  • Cloth Dormeuil
  • Ermenegildo Zegna

Who is Peter Parvez?

Peter Parvez is known as the leading provider of Canadian custom menswear. Peter Parvez was established in 2013, when he originally sold fine quality suits in Hong Kong. As the years passed, Parvez expanded his business globally, adding multiple locations across Canada. With the rapid growth in his business, Parvez became internationally reputed as the “Shanghai Tailor”.

Now he is located in major business areas across Canada, and can bring his fine tailored world class suits directly to his clients.