Once you’ve figured out your upcoming winter fashion, you should be looking into some of the top trending accessories. Accessories can add a whole new level of style to your look, and that’s what makes accessory shopping so interesting. From headwear, to neckwear, to stylish bags, here are some of the best men’s accessory ideas for the upcoming winter season!

What’s on Top

Headwear is always an interesting thing when it comes to winter accessories, and this is still the case for 2017. Beanies are always in style and this season it’s all about being oversized, textured, and featuring a mix up of striped and ribbed wools. If oversized beanies are not your thing, don’t worry because smaller sized beanies are still going strong too; these beanies are best with a focus on texture with more ribs and more stripes too. 2017, like every year, is another opportunity to keep your head warm in style.

Key Chains

No we’re not talking about a key chain you’d find in an airport gift shop, we’re talking about leather loops and classic metal chains going from your back pocket to your belt loop; ya, THOSE kind of chains. No longer do you have to worry about looking nostalgic for those early 2000’s punk rock bands when you wear a chain like this, because these chains are becoming big in the world of men’s fashion. There are plenty of options when it comes to this accessory, ranging from all-leather loops, to half-and-half chains, to full on metal.

Swollen Accessories

Rather than going for the sleek, straight line look of so many bags and other accessories out there, a trend that is being brought into the light this year is bloated looking, swollen accessories. Picture your favourite traditional looking bag, and then imagine what it’d look like if you inflated it with air. Swollen accessories are going to help you to stand out from a crowd filled with traditional bags and backpacks.


One trend that is making waves right now is stylish neckwear for men. Neckerchiefs are a hot item right now and can add a whole new dimension to your outfit. Sure a stylish and warm scarf is going to be your go-to while outside in the wintertime, but neckerchiefs are your best friend indoors. Another neck accessory making the rounds this season are continental ties, which are pieces of black silk that cross over at the front; they’re a great way to bring a little runway style to your wardrobe.

Keep it Brief

If the swollen accessories trend is not working for you this season, you could still always go with its official counterpart, the briefcase look. Offering that classic, structured look that screams professionalism and charm, briefcase style bags are a great way to get the briefcase look without having to resort to a hard-sided briefcase like the one you’ve seen in so many movies. For all of your custom suit needs or alterations, look through our site.