The most important day is soon approaching. It’s not Christmas or Thanksgiving, it’s Valentine’s Day! This is the day where we go all out to celebrate how much we love our partners, spouses, family, and friends.

If you have set up a first date for Valentine’s Day, you have already made reservations at the fanciest restaurant in the city, called a local flower shop to buy the prettiest flowers, and set up any excursions (like tickets to a play or just a nice walk in the park) to wind down your night. What you should be doing now is planning on how you will be dressing for your big date. As the saying goes, “dress to impress!” and you want to make a great first impression while you are on your date.

When going through your wardrobe, do not, under any circumstances, choose the following items to wear on your first date on Valentine’s Day if you want a chance at a second date!

Inappropriate footwear

Although your date won’t be staring at your feet through the duration of the night, having bad footwear could ruin your overall look. This includes dirty running shoes, shoes with holes in them, or sandals. Break out those casual shoes, or keep your work shoes by the front door to use for your date, just make sure you shine them before you head out the door!

Today’s work clothes

The work clothes you wore on Valentine’s Day may look amazing on you, but they may not have survived the day. Your shirt and pants may have wrinkled while you were sitting at your desk all day, and your socks may have gathered too much sweat throughout the day, giving them that bad foot smell.

Make sure you have time to go home, change into your date clothes and freshen up a bit to look clean! If you were planning on wearing your work clothes, set them aside for your date and wear a different outfit to work.

Too much cologne

Cologne should be a nice accent to your appearance, not the main attraction. If you are in a bind to smell good for your date, take a quick shower, then lightly apply your favourite cologne on your wrists and rub it on your neck. This will make you smell great and your date will be able to breath when they are close to you!

A bowtie

If you are planning a formal date at a fancy restaurant and need to dress to the nines, skip the bowtie for your first date. If you don’t know how to work a traditional tie, there are many youtube tutorials on how to properly tie a tie. Load one of those up and practice tying your tie a few days before Valentine’s Day, it will tie (pun intended) your whole look together and it will give off a good first impression!

A wrinkled shirt

There’s nothing worse than pulling out your perfect date shirt to find that it has become completely wrinkled. You were super excited to wear it on your Valentine’s Day date, but you can’t now because you don’t have time to get it dry cleaned before the big date.

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